Father / IT Guy / Band Member / Amateur Photographer / Blogger
Father / IT Guy / Band Member / Amateur Photographer / Blogger

Thanks to Sandra for allowing me to take some "hobby" photographs during her performance at the 2017 African American Cultural Celebration in Raleigh, NC.

I predicted a Pittsburgh vs. Green Bay Super Bowl matchup. Oops.

Would you like a slice...? I'd be happy to share!

“God gave you 'One More Sunny Day' to worship, to glorify, to live for Him.”

Celebrating the Christmas Holiday Season...

I've been working on this sketch for the last 2 week - based on the Father's Day photo I took of Pop.

Cowboys/Steelers was just what the doctor ordered for all of us NFL fans.

#CLEMSONING returns after a 2-year hiatus, thanks to the ACC Coastal Division.

Umm... Duke was supposed to win LAST week so all of my Carolina friends would be happy -- OOPS! Also, Maestro's picks for the weekend as he continues to help you stay ahead of your monthly obligations.

A tabletop Christmas tree and a couple of artist "Mannequins" make for some unexpectedly nice photographs this time of year.
I hope my smile brings laughter to your day, as you settle in after an active weekend.

Yeah, about that Obama/Hillary hug from this past August...

Has social media made race relations worse...?

I think we are right in the middle of the beginning of America's second Civil War AND Civil Rights Movement -- simultaneously